is an online search tool with access to thousands of sales, deals, discounts, closeouts, open box, and clearance items from around the web. The camel visits some of the largest and most respectable online shopping destinations and \'daily deal\' websites to find out what is on sale today. Forget about reading promotional flyers and manually visting the sale section of countless online stores. Tell us what you are looking for and let the camel do the rest.

The camel is a perpetually updating animal. Sales come and go quickly, and just as fast as a deal appears in the search results it can disappear. Some deals are around for weeks, some a day, and some are only 5 minutes long. From day to day, week to week, minute to minute the camel is a refreshing list of new offers. If what you are looking for isn\'t in our index today, try tomorrow, then try again next week. Eventually you will find what you are looking for at a sweet discount.

While the camel is a great resource for sale items, not every online store has their sale items in our index. If you know of a reputable spot for great deals we don\'t have listed, please contact us. We are in the early stages of development and welcome all feedback.

Search Tips:

1. Use high level keywords like \'TV\', \'Laptop\', \'Jacket\', etc. Then, once you have found that elusive deal do some research. Read reviews about the retailer and the product and ensure you are getting the great deal you expect. Alternatively just search that exact product you want to buy and hope someone has a great deal on it today.

2. Check back often. New deals are posted throughout the day. If an item isn\'t there today, we will have hundreds of new sale items the next day and thousands of new items by the next week. Our results are constantly changing.


What is the difference between and all those price compare sites?

LOTS. First off, I have yet to see any camel based price compare site. This is important, the power of the camel cannot be underestimated. Secondly, price compare sites have millions of products listed and the vast majority of the items are not on sale. SaleCamel only lists items that are on sale right now. We don\'t bother withe \'regular price\'.

If you have your heart set on a specific item that isn\'t on sale today and you cannot wait for it to go on sale, then price compare is the way to go. There are several sites that will help you get the best retail price on what you are looking for. That\'s not us.

Why can\'t I find my favorite store on there?

Well there could be several reasons. It has to be camel friendly. Some sites do not provide an easy means of extracting their sale items and that may be why they aren\'t currently in our index.

Another reason could be the quality of the site. If a site has a poor reseller rating then we try and avoid them. We want our users to have a positive online buying experience. Saving money at the risk of getting ripped off is not worth it.

Finally, we may have not gotten around to adding that particular vendor. Please contact us and let us know what online store you would like the camel to vist.